About Wholistic Jen

I am on a mission to save body parts! I am a holistic health coach, board certified health educator, and master herbalist who quit my job and started a farm with my husband where we help people achieve optimal health though food.

My passion is teaching and helping people to repair damage and prevent damage before it is too late. We use regenerative methods to optimize our health and the health of the food we grow, and we love telling everyone about it.

I took a deep-dive into natural healing methods after the conventional system failed me. I was told I have a chronic condition that would require surgery or radiation and medicines for the rest of my life. After fighting for 6 years, my doctor conned me into a procedure, and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else. Food and lifestyle are major players in your health! Let me show you how you can make changes to your health.

40 Recipes that are HealthIER than traditional Party Foods and are plantbased, too!

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