Are you struggling with management of autoimmune disease, stubborn weight, hormonal imbalances, or low energy? Your diet and lifestyle are the key players in your overall health. You can take control and feel like yourself again!

I took a deep-dive into natural healing methods after the conventional system failed me. Today, I help people like you. Let me show you how you can use the power of nutrition and diet to make changes to your health.

My Health Story

Work with Jen

Ready to make a change but not sure how?

During a 15 minute call, meeting, or zoom meeting we will evaluate your situation and see if we are compatible and can work well together to make sure your needs match my scope of practice. Then, you decide on when and how we should meet, and how often and for how long.

A 12 week program (6 sessions) is recommended but other options are available.

Jen’s Podcast

Jen and Dan meet weekly to have real conversations about using natural methods for health including foods and herbs that boost nutrition and balance the body’s systems. They use their background in health science, nutrition, and herbalism and combine them with other lifestyle modalities to reach optimal health for their own lives and the lives of their clients. Jen and Dan are 2 southerners with a passion for natural living. They met at the School of Natural Healing and discovered that they have so many common interests with the same main goal: to help their community achieve optimal health without side effects.

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40 Recipes that are HealthIER than traditional Party Foods and are plantbased, too!

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